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Shiseido Future Solution LX Cleansing
Centuries of Japanese wisdom brings you the future of beautiful skin.
Learn more on:   www.futuresolutionlx.comSince 1872, SHISEIDO has aspired to create eternal beauty and ultimate luxury by integrating Japanese wisdom and the latest scientific discoveries. This pursuit, which has been continually distinguished by technological advances in the field of dermatology, has now led to the discovery of the new mechanism that triumphs over visible aging.Experience the extraordinary power of Skingenecell 1P* to counteract the appearance of future aging**Dry, damaged or stressed skin contains high levels of a negative factor called Serpin b3.  SHISEIDO challenges skin physiology with a powerful ingredient, Skingenecell 1P, which suppresses the production of Serpin b3. ***  As skin enjoys a more positive environment, cells increase in health and vitality.  With its exclusive cell-vitalizing technology*, Future Solution LX improves your skin’s resistance to wrinkles and sagging for years to come.Find the Preventive Powers in BotanicalsFuture Solution LX is formulated with a complex of natural ingredients that supports Skingenecell 1P. Japanese Uji Green Tea Extract helps prevent cellular damage caused by oxidation which leads to skin aging.***Super Yeast Extract increases cellular vitality, collagen, and hyaluronic acid*** while Star Fruit Extract protects from collagen breakdown. *** Future Solution LX delivers an extraordinary defense against damage in the inner layers of skin.Feel the Restorative Benefits of Comforting Textures and FragrancesFrom the very first application of Future Solution LX, discover a perceivable difference. Each formulation’s superior texture and gentle fragrance promises uncompromised luxury, providing the ultimate solution for the future of your skin. * Patent pending (USA, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Taiwan, Korea, China)**Skingenecell 1P makes skin resistant to harmful environmental factors such as UV rays.(in vitro)*** in vitro tests.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Cleansing products

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