Camelia Shiseido
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Revive your skin with light. This creamy foundation gives skin a radiant finish, creating a more youthful, lifted impression. Provides rich moisture to skin, but feels light and comfortable. The beautiful, non-sticky finish lasts all day. The radiant finish naturally covers fine lines, dullness, and pores for a more youthful impression. A highly moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling hydrated all day. Provides lifting, firming and anti-wrinkle benefits with continued use. NON-COMEDOGENIC. DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED.

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Skin type

For normal to very dry skin.


Full coverage. Highly lustrous finish.

  • Technology

Contains Radiant Reflecting Powder P76a Shiseido ingredient. *Patented in U.S.A., Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan. Patent pending in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom. – Contains Hydroxyproline, which activates collagen-production**, and the anti-oxidant