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Age-defying benefit for youthful vibrance. An age-defying nighttime moisturizer that internsively addresses lines and wrinkles before they become more serious. Offers visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and helps promote silky smooth skin condition while encouraging recovery by morning. Promotes smoothness to the skin instantly, and provides a dramatic effect in the diminishing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.NOTE: – Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. – Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures. DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED

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For whom? Developed for women in their 40’s, who want to extend their skin’s youthful vibrancy through 24-hour daily care. Wrinkles and dryness are her main skin concern, her ideal skin is healthy, fresh and free from signs of ageing. She expects reliability, comfort, sense of wellbeing and long term benefits. Skin type

For dry to very dry skin.



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Formulated with hypericum extract, which inhibits the process of skin roughening***, this cream restores the skin’s barrier function during night-time for a fresh, radiant complexion by morning. Contains Hydroxyproline, an amino acid found exclusively in