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THE ULTIMATE RECOVERY FOR DAMAGED SKIN Over time, skins fundamental strength declines due to aging, stress, and environmental factors. With this loss of strength, skin becomes more vulnerable to damage. As roughness, dryness, and lack of firmness progress, ordinary skincare routines lack the power to recover skins beauty. Shiseido Bio-Performance Intensive Skin Corrective Program uses biotechnology to deliver calcium and magnesium ions, critical elements enabling skin to maintain its vitality. By fortifying the barrier function of the stratum corneum the skins vulnerable outermost layer this extraordinary treatment gives skin the tools for amazing improvement and continuing strength. Dermatologist-tested.

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Serum-30ml / Balm-28 pieces

For whom? Women of all skin types from 30 onwards who want time fighting skincare. BIO-PERFORMANCE products are designed for demanding women, who are on the go and in search of quality, efficiency and speed. Wanting simple action with dramatic results and never afraid to try the latest revolutionary treatment in skincare. Quick and effective, advanced technological skincare to correct problems and prevent further signs of ageing, is a priority to her. Skin type

Targets roughness, dryness, lack of firmness, stressed skin

Time Morning & evening in place of your daily routine during 2 weeks
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SKINCARE BEYOND THE ORDINARY. Intensive Skin Corrective Program consists of of two formulas, Serum and Balm, that work together to provide a dramatic effect within 2 weeks. In the first step, Serum, a concentration of powerful ingredients, recharges the d