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THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY AGAINST PREMATURE AGING New discovery Just as the facets of a beautifully cut diamond determine its brilliance, the tiny triangular facets of the skin’s surface determine its youthful vividness. Shiseido’s newest discovery brings a revolutionary solution against premature aging—keeping each skin facet plumped and resilient, so early signs of aging such as fine lines fade from view. Advanced Biotechnology Shiseido’s exclusive new Bio-Revitalizing Complex* reinforces elastic fibers**, giving them the strength to put compromised skin facets back into ideal shape. As each facet is reformed, the skin’s entire surface is revitalized.

*Patent pending **in vitro test ***tested by 202 women

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For whom? Women of all skin types from 30 onwards who want time fighting skincare. BIO-PERFORMANCE products are designed for demanding women, who are on the go and in search of quality, efficiency and speed. Wanting simple action with dramatic results and never afraid to try the latest revolutionary treatment in skincare. Quick and effective, advanced technological skincare to correct problems and prevent further signs of ageing, is a priority to her. Skin type

All skin types.Targets smoother and more supple skin, fine lines and wrinkles.


Morning and evening.

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Obvious Results*** Immediately, skin is smoother and more supple. Within just one week, skin looks more youthful. After 4 weeks, 93% of women reported skin became fully smooth.. Overall look is dramatically improved.