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Shiseido Makeup

Discover our makeup Advisor here: EMPOWERINGIlluminate your true beauty from the inside, through the power of Luminous Technology.Each woman has her own unique essence, her own kind of beauty.This individual beauty inspired The Makeup.A timeless, yet contemporary makeup, supported by a revolutionary technology that offers you the power to develop your own look to perfection. FLAWLESS SKIN Using the scientific properties of light, Shiseido has formulated a “light-controlling” makeup for a finish that is flawless yet subtly natural. Thanks to these state-of-the-art powders, light is reflected to your best advantage.Skin takes on an unprecedented evenness, radiance and depth, with Luminous Technology correcting –not masking- color tones within your skin.COLOR FIDELITYShiseido has created Color Fidelity: an advancement due to an incredibly refined pigment powder that assures the color you see is the color you wear.True color. Long-wearing color. Color that goes on with blissful smoothness and stays.

Shiseido Makeup products

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