Camelia Shiseido


Your favorite Shiseido cleanser classics : high cleansing power, gentleness to skin, quickness in rinsing off. Quickly reaches deep into pores and gently but thoroughly removes dirt and impurities.

For women of all ethnicities, age and skin type who apply full make-up on a daily basis, and seek high cleansing power from cleansing items.
Step 1


Cleanse:  ‘Double cleanse’ is Shiseido’s cleansing ritual, the first cleanse removes make-up, and the second cleanse removes dirt, pollution and impurities,

Soften: instantly infuse generous moisture into skin with a Shiseido softener. Prepare your skin to be hydrated, smooth, supple and soft, more receptive to further treatment.

Targeted treatments: for each targeted skin concern use a specific treatment from Shiseido.