Camelia Shiseido


Shiseido Makeup represents an exceptional collection of high-performance colors and textures, created to celebrate and enhance your natural beauty.

  • Base makeup

    Combining centuries of skincare science and light reflection technologies, SHISEIDO main base makeup products, such as foundations and compacts make skin healthy, glowing, and naturally beautiful. « If makeup is mostly about having fun, base makeup and cover up are often considered really seriously. Foundation is such a personal thing, it really reflects the way a woman feels about herself. » Dick Page, Shiseido Makeup Artistic Director

  • Color makeup

    Fusing the finest of Japanese beauty and colour creation by Dick Page, a world renowned make-up artist and mastery of color and texture, SHISEIDO Makeup offers chic, artistic and inspiring color collections. Outstanding quality and luxurious textures in a unique colour collection, with exclusive light reflecting technologies for clear, true colour.

    « Every colour has an emotion, they are like a language. When I create, I mostly have some colour palettes in mind, pure colour in discreet combinations or dazzling unexpected associations…all of this really fires my imagination. »

    Dick Page, Shiseido Makeup Artistic Director