Camelia Shiseido

Color makeup

Fusing the finest of Japanese beauty and colour creation by Dick Page, a world renowned make-up artist and mastery of color and texture, SHISEIDO Makeup offers chic, artistic and inspiring color collections. Outstanding quality and luxurious textures in a unique colour collection, with exclusive light reflecting technologies for clear, true colour.

« Every colour has an emotion, they are like a language. When I create, I mostly have some colour palettes in mind, pure colour in discreet combinations or dazzling unexpected associations…all of this really fires my imagination. »

Dick Page, Shiseido Makeup Artistic Director

  • Eyes

    Shiseido offer a large variety of eye makeup products such as eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, eyebrow products and accessories for eyes.

  • Lips

    Combining Shiseido’s newest technology and Dick Page’s rich sensibility, Shiseido has created a stylish, yet personal range of colors, delivered in incredibly luxurious textures. The “everyday wardrobe” colors are simple, unpretentiously chic – allowing a woman to express her natural self. The “surprising” colors allow for a bolder form of self-expression. No matter what the occasion or your mood of the moment, the collection offers just the right shade. “Adding color to your lips is the most symbolic gesture of feminity…The large wardrobe of colors we are proposing at Shiseido should make every woman consider her lipstick as a true accessory. » Dick Page, Shiseido Makeup Artistic Director