Camelia Shiseido

Body Care

The key to an ideal body is a firm, well-defined contour and smooth, glowing skin. This goal can be achieved when skin’s natural renewal cycle becomes optimized – vital nutrients are sufficiently provided while impurities and unwanted substances are effectively removed. Delivering breakthrough discoveries through a fusion of cutting-edge skincare technology with exclusive aromachology*, Shiseido’s body care line is inspired by the insights of Eastern medicine to promote healthy-looking skin.

Shiseido body cleansers effectively cleanse, without stripping away skins natural moisture. The deep cleansing effect is optimized with a pleasant texture & the relaxing fragrance leaving skin feeling clean, satin smooth, radiant & moisturized. Gently remove excess surface cells with specially-designed Refining Body Exfoliator.

Revitalizing body cream with a lavish, silky texture that fundamentally improves skin’s quality.

Restore skin’s resilience and help minimize the appearance of cellulite for a beautifully firm and contoured body.

After years of intensive research into scent-responsive chemistry, Shiseido has developed the revolutionary Scent Neutralizing System incorporated in its deodorants. This innovative technology actively intervenes in the odor formation process for maximum effectiveness and long hours of comfort.